A Story Of A Dog Who Walked 600 Kms With All The Roughs And Toughs For His Owner

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On recollecting his brief introduction with the dog, whom he went ahead and named Malu, he said,

“It was after nearly 80 kilometers done when she came to my notice. She walked towards me from the opposite direction and stopped when she reached right in front of me. I gave a human reaction and I did try shooing her off many times, but she would just not go.”

Despite the fact that she didn’t completely trust him in the beginning and by the time little pond of trust was filled, she wouldn’t let him go alone. She walked at least 20 meters ahead of him. He says,

“She would regularly stop and look back at me constantly right after one and other time, probably to make sure I was still following her, maybe. But I knew it was it After a few days, she began to walk behind me, constantly sniffing at my feet. I let her stay, and it was worth it all the while”

Little did Naveen know, it was not just about this journey, but it was about the journeys which were about to come in his life.

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