Smokers Vs Non-Smokers. These Twins Are Sure To Make You Dump This Bad Habit

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Ever since we were a child, we have been told that smoking is a bad habit. And even as we grew up, till this very point, we continue to see anti-smoking campaigns being carried out every now and then, every here and there. This only hints that there are still several people addicted to smoking, and what’s even sadder is that most of them know the risks. But sometimes, knowing is not good enough.
Sometimes, we only understand the severity of a certain situation only when we are made to experience it, through some form or the other.
In this way, here we are with an arrangement of pictures of smoking versus non-smoking twins. As they are twins, they ought to look alike, correct? In any case, they don’t, and it’s all due to smoking! Maybe this will help you understand how horrendous it is and help you quit this negative behavior pattern. Look at it!

Smoking does look and feel cool!

But are you prepared to die for it?

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