A Letter From A Disloyal Girlfriend To Her Loyal Boyfriend

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I was lonely, neglected and I was craving for attention. And so one day, regretfully, I decided to knock at that door which I knew would be answered. I cheated on you, my love and I feel awful about it. And if you’re wondering then no, doing so didn’t make me feel better.

Honestly, I don’t know what it felt like. Maybe I was too disgusted with myself to even think about it. But please understand, cheating on you didn’t mean that I didn’t love you. In fact, if it’s possible, I love you even more now.

And while I was convinced you would hate me forever, you ended up having the kindest heart I’ve ever come across. You still accepted me with open arms, gave me respect I probably didn’t deserve and decided to forgive me.


But my love, I’m still scared.


I’m scared that one day, you might not look at me like you used to, that your kiss might not feel the same again, that one day you’ll think you shouldn’t have let it go and you’ll leave. I’m scared I will not be loved the way I’ve been longing.

I don’t ask for your forgiveness, because what I did was wrong. But I do ask for your love. I crave for it, every single day, every single minute, and every single moment.

With love,
Your love

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