A Letter From A Disloyal Girlfriend To Her Loyal Boyfriend

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Right from the start, we were that couple that everyone thought was meant to be. Though, we never had our “initial spark” phase, it was fine because what we had was truly magical. Not that I didn’t want that initial spark as well, I mean I was 19 and of course I wanted it, but I knew that I wanted you even more. And while the initial months we spent with each other were hassle free, things weren’t meant to stay that way.

As time went on, it started getting difficult to watch you give other things a bigger priority than me. Don’t get me wrong, I know they were important, but there were times I just needed you to answer my calls and talk to me.

I craved for your love and for the day you would show up and we’d be happy. I remembered you telling me that you need some time off and I pretended to be cool with it. But in reality, I was not.

I couldn’t sleep for days worrying that we might just break apart and it scared me to death, something that only got worse when, in the following month, you found excuses to avoid me. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, but it still did.

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