A Girl Writes A Letter For Her Dead Parents And It Is Everything You Need To Adore Your Parents

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Remember how you sometimes be rude to your parents? It is a tough thing for those who don’t have one. I guess, that’s life. A girl writes a letter to her dead parents and it will leave you in bits because you know right know you are taking them for granted. Check it out: 


Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you? I hope you’re both doing fine. When I think about you both, your love, I feel so bad for death, how hard it tried and yet failed miserably to keep you guys apart. In the end it was forced to unite you. I am happy that you guys are together again, so what if in heaven.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am writing to you today. I want you to know its because I have been longing to tell you both that how much I really miss you.

Life hasn’t been easy for me since the day you left. There were times when I didn’t feel like doing anything, i was simply drowning in my sorrows; so much that I didn’t want to continue living just because that way, I could come to you both.

Tears kept streaming down my face and  there was nothing i could do except cursing my destiny for taking you both away from me so soon. 

My heart heaved with burden and there was no one I could share my feelings with, no shoulder to lean on and call someone my own. My purpose in this world seemed futile and everyone seemed a stranger.

But as they say, time has the power to heal all wounds.

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