Girl Searched “Ways To End My Life” And Check What Google Showed Up With

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By seeing how worse the things are going in this country, we still have our belief in this technology that holds an important part in our life and somehow, people consider this as boon. But, here is the story which would change your mind a bit :

A 24 year girl almost decided to quit her life near Yamuna Canal near Saharanpur, because her boyfriend dumped her. (That’s not a legit reason though) The guy just got job in a government sector and quit her relations with her because of his parents’ wish.

NBut somehow, fate and angels decided to be in her luck. She tried one last time on Google to check what are the least painful ways to die and what happened next, changed her life and future.

Instead of showing the various ways to commit suicide, Google came up with suicide awareness numbers. Check out :

Sadness, suicide, life

As I said, as luck and angels were in her favor, she called on the numbers and guess who picked up? Deputy Inspector General of Police, who somehow convinced her to stop herself right and get a counselling. When being asked on this issue, this is what he has to say on it :

sadness, suicide, life

Later on when asked to girl about this, she said she gave up on everything and knew nothing what to do in the future now, that is why she decided to take such a step which she never thought of. Women’s police were assigned duty to guide and counsel her to get her through the depression.

So if no one told you this today, I want to tell you this today. Thank you, Google. 🙂