Some Creepiest Traditions In The World You Won’t Believe Exist !

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Every religion and culture around the world who have their uniqueness which makes them odd from the rest. However, there are some traditions followed by a varied spectrum of people over the world which cannot be justified in any way.

They are too different. Too bizarre.

But they do exist, and here I have brought some of them together to form the below compilation.

1: Bullet ant gloves.

Bullet and Gloves

Boys of the Amazonian ethnic group have to prove their adulthood when they come of age by wearing a woven mitt in which deadly creatures called bullet ant are placed. Then, they have to wear these mitts on hands and dance for 10 minutes.

The strange part is that they have to repeat this at least 20 times in their lifetime.

2: Hindu Thaipusam festival piercings.

Hindu Thaipusam festival piercings.

Hindu devotees in Malaysia celebrates Thaipusam, a religious celebration dedicated to Lord Murugan, the god of war. Hindus having body piercings make the pilgrimage to the Malaysia’s Batu Caves.

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