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David Beckham Uses His Tattoos To Raise His Voice Against Child Abuse In This Video

Children are the some of the most vulnerable members of our society, mainly because of their dependence on others to get their needs met. And sadly, in the majority of cases, the adults that children depend on are the ones responsible for abusing them. As by the crime increases, The renowned footballer David Beckham made […]

Funny Dad Trolls His Daughter By Recreating Her ‘Hot Selfies’ And Posting It On Instagram!

Many fathers like to play pranks on their children, but not many will go far enough to mock them for all of the Internet to see. One father though, has no problem with mocking his teenage son and daughter online, much to the enjoyment of his fans. Chris ‘Burr’ Martin, from Washington, has taken to […]

This Hilarious Struggle Between Logical And Emotional Part Of A Guy’s Brain During A First Date Is A Must Watch!

What goes through a guy’s mind on his first date? We all know the fact that our brain is divided into two parts – Left brain is analytical and logical whereas the right brain is emotional and intuitive. Meh, not even a science student. You surely must have encountered situations wherein your right and left […]

Forget The ‘Mannequin Challenge’, ‘The Backpack Challenge’ Is Owning The Internet Right Now

The internet entertains us with some or the other challenge all the time and now it’s time for a new one. Lately ‘The Mannequin Challenge ’ was viral just when this challenge comes up. It involves one running between the corridor and other hitting him/her with their backpack. It is ‘The Backpack Challenge!’ The challenge […]

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