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8 Daily Life Struggles Of A Guy Who Just Can’t Get Out Of Friendzone.

Being in Friendzone is a nature’s way of telling that you should just stop trying now, you should just quit. If you’re this great, sacrificing lover boy who has been dumped into the friendzone, here are 8 daily struggles you must be going through. 1.) You make sure to save a seat for her in the […]

This Hilarious Struggle Between Logical And Emotional Part Of A Guy’s Brain During A First Date Is A Must Watch!

What goes through a guy’s mind on his first date? We all know the fact that our brain is divided into two parts – Left brain is analytical and logical whereas the right brain is emotional and intuitive. Meh, not even a science student. You surely must have encountered situations wherein your right and left […]

A Story Of A Dog Who Walked 600 Kms With All The Roughs And Toughs For His Owner

There is saying which goes like: “A dog is man’s best friend.” and dogs somehow never failed to prove it to humans. This story of Naveen(Pilgrim) and Malu(Dog) will set one of a example within it. Naveen had a destined journey of 700 Kms. long, without anyone from Mookambika Temple, Kollur in Udipi to Sabrimala Shrine. […]

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