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These Wounded Veterans Are HOT Enough To Beat The Best Models!

They have been serving to their mother countries, no matter how fatal things went and saved millions of lives. Michael Stokes, a fine arts photographer in California, features the bold portraits of war veterans who lost their body parts due to enemy attacks. These soldiers posed confidently with their amputated body parts and prosthetics. And it […]

David Beckham Uses His Tattoos To Raise His Voice Against Child Abuse In This Video

Children are the some of the most vulnerable members of our society, mainly because of their dependence on others to get their needs met. And sadly, in the majority of cases, the adults that children depend on are the ones responsible for abusing them. As by the crime increases, The renowned footballer David Beckham made […]

Funny Dad Trolls His Daughter By Recreating Her ‘Hot Selfies’ And Posting It On Instagram!

Many fathers like to play pranks on their children, but not many will go far enough to mock them for all of the Internet to see. One father though, has no problem with mocking his teenage son and daughter online, much to the enjoyment of his fans. Chris ‘Burr’ Martin, from Washington, has taken to […]

8 Daily Life Struggles Of A Guy Who Just Can’t Get Out Of Friendzone.

Being in Friendzone is a nature’s way of telling that you should just stop trying now, you should just quit. If you’re this great, sacrificing lover boy who has been dumped into the friendzone, here are 8 daily struggles you must be going through. 1.) You make sure to save a seat for her in the […]

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