10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong !

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Everyone wants to look their hair good ,soft and shiny, that does not fall and it will be always be in the style we set them and go on our dressing.
There are some advertisements regarding to this hair issues though it doesn’t effect much and in the end the person gets disappointed and loss higher sometimes.
Here are some suggestions for you,in this case you don’t even need to find solution. In this process you have just to avoid some mistake that you do daily.

Towel drying isn’t the best idea.

Towel drying isn't the best idea.

Drying your hairs with the towel may cause hair fall.Instead, you could use other methods such as using a t-shirt or blotting your hair.

Too much doesn’tĀ helps.

Too much doesn't helps.

You think using shampoo and conditioner in good quantity helps ?No ! It Doesn’t !

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