10 Secret Things Girls Love Doing But Boys Have No Clue

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“One can never understand girls and can never get into their shoes.”

There are certain habits performed by we humans that are divided gender wise. According to most of females, males do things that they don’t want. And for boys, girls are a big mystery in their eyes. So, it’s better to not to poke in other’s life and enjoy watching people in the way the are. Let’s enjoy by watching some of the habits in this article.

1. Oh, thank god, it was not period

You are at a party and enjoying with your friend but, suddenly, felt some jerk in the uterus. Crap, the whole mood spoiled as you thought it’s blood clot but, your reaction changes after watching that it was not period.

2. Following my own profile on social media

It helps in watching out what other people are searching on your profile.

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